Post Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:21 pm

Club Track Racing Etiquette (from an RD POV)

It has come to my attention that a few reminders need to be put out to new and even seasoned riders as to the assisting in the smooth running of a race meet. In order of how they usually arise, I put them below:

0) Volunteers sticking their hand up in the days prior to, or on the night of, an event are fabulous
1) Please bring correct change (don’t line up 1st for sign on with a $50 note)
2) Place numbers is the usual spot – on the left and centre back – so they are readable for the judging. On the rare occasion we have photo finish we’ll let you know
3) Know your number – this help with marshaling and races like the elimination.
4) Ensure you have read the race schedule – usually down in the pits at the end of the ramp - & ensure you are ready to be marshaled when called for, keep an eye on the current races and how long till your next event.
5) Don’t approach Judges who are timing (or about to) another event,
6) Limit the congregating that happens in the marshaling area, this disrupts vision between the Judges/Chief/Clerk/timing lines
7) Advise the Clerk of Course if you are scratching from events/rest of night,
8) Return numbers at the close of the last event – not when you have warmed down, packed your bike etc
9) Place the numbers in the pile in order - don’t dump them for others to clear up
10) DON’T ASK WHEN RESULTS WILL BE POSTED UP – they will appear in the forum when they are able to be transferred from handwritten to online format, then reformatted to the forum.

You are all aware that the roles at racing are all taken on by volunteers, many have given up their time and indeed the opportunity to ride themselves to put on this racing; assistance from riders as per the above make it much smoother running for events.

Thank you for supporting the track racing that is put on, its great to see that people do want to race and take the opportunity to do so in the great facility we have here in SA.

See you next month

Lee-Anne Fleming
Race Director for Winter Track
'If ya gonna die, die on the black line' GZ