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PACC Summer Track 2011 - Oct 19 - Keirin Night

Keirin Night is on this Wednesday 19 October!! Following the poster image is the nights draft program - mostly Keirins but a few other events thrown in there for the for the Sprinters and something for the Enduros.
I've lined up a few volunteers already but looking for Clerk of Course, some help with the sign-on desk and definitely some timekeepers/ judges...if you think you can be of service please let me know.


Also, please note that the racing is for Open riders only - no Junior racing will be held except for the Pud Brooks Wheelrace on 26 October, where we will be running a Junior program along with the Wheelrace heats and finals. Having said that, becasue this is 'club racing' we will allow approved U/17 Juniors to race in a grade that best suits their ability.

Keirin Night - 19 Oct
Event Description
Event 1 Open D-grade Keirin Rd 1 Heats
Event 2 Open C-grade Keirin Rd 1 Heats
Event 3 Open B-grade Keirin Rd 1 Heats
Event 4 Open A-grade Keirin Rd 1 Heats
Event 5 Open D-grade Keirin Semi Finals
Event 6 Open C-grade Keirin Rd 2 Heats
Event 7 Open B-grade Keirin Rd 2 Heats
Event 8 Open A-grade Enduro race (TBA)
Event 9 Open A-grade Sprint 1 lap TT
Event 10 Open D-grade 1 lap TT
Event 11 Open C-grade Keirin Semi Finals
Event 12 Open B-grade Keirin Semi Finals
Event 13 Open A-grade Keirin Semi Finals
Event 14 Open C/D - Motorpaced Scratch
Event 15 Open B - Motorpaced Scratch
Event 15 Open A - Motorpaced Scratch
Event 16 Open D-grade - Keirin Final
Event 17 Open C-grade - Keirin Final
Event 18 Open B-grade - Keirin Final
Event 19 Open A-grade - Keirin Final
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