Post Mon Feb 18, 2008 11:31 am

ever wondered why once a year bike cleans are not so great?

sure, my bike hasn't actually gone that far since I last cleaned it about 14 months ago (perhaps 300km?), but damn the crud on the chain and everywhere else has set interestingly tough after being baked all through last summer, frozen over winter and baked again this summer :cry: .

I get the feeling it might be three or four fast cleans (or one MASSIF! one) to bring my baby back to the state known as "make it rain NOW!" :oops:

Alternatively I might have to sell it to Sam so he can fake-pose it up with colnago stickers from ebay and buy something new to train on :P

with the right tools, I can do anything
with the wrong tools, you'll have to give me a minute ... and a new right shoulder ... and a new upper spine ...