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Club Road Championships

25 August 2007

Riders from the Port Adelaide, Kilkenny and Central Districts Clubs are eligible to receive titles and medals in these championships. It has been the practice in the past to combine these clubs for the purposes of club championships. When considering the winter program the PACC committee agreed to continue that practice in 2007.

The medal winners are:

Elite Men
1 Damion Hadcroft (PACC)
2 Brendan Cameron (CDCC)

Elite Women
1 Olivia Pilla (PACC)

U13 Women
1 Nicki Boyle (PACC)

U15 Men
1 Alex Edmonson (CDCC)
2 Alex King (CDCC)
3 Lachlan Glasspool (CDCC)

U17 Men
1 Dale Parker (CDCC)
2 Scott McPhee (CDCC)
3 Shamus Liptrot (CDCC)

Masters Men MMAS3

1 Dallas Zimmer (KCC)

Masters Men MMAS5
1 Stu Clement (PACC)

Masters Men MMAS7
1 John Lockwood (PACC)

Masters Women WMAS6
1 Elizabeth Jones (PACC)

Congratulations to all medal winnersand thanks to all participants. Arangements for the presentation of medals will be made as soon as is practical.

Please accept our apologies for the lateness of these results.

If you have any queries please contact me.

John Lockwood