Post Sun May 19, 2013 10:05 pm

Writing up Track Results

HI All.
As some of you maybe aware I am becoming extremely busy with my business to have the time to collate, type and then post the winter track racing results in a timely manner. I understand that riders do want to know the results, and indeed some coaches are looking for the data too, however I am unable to do this job on top of the various duties that also go with being RD for the series. It is for this reason that I ask for a club member to assist with the publication of results after each Winter track night (this 2nd of which is this week)

What is required:
Attend the track on race night to collect the paperwork from the judges, (this is usually in a rather ordered stash of papers)
Type up the results in the 'Tiser approved format (1st. Surname, I. time)
Submit these results to the Advertise within 24hrs of the race
Publish the results on the forum. If you are keen to write a bit of a blog on the race night please do :cool:
Have whatever paperwork ready for the following event next month

I can provide you with a doc. form with the basic rundown of the nights' events to assist if you require. If someone is happy to suggest new ways of getting this done then please do and stick your hand up - many hands make light work and at the moment it is overwhelming me! Please email me directly to assist: [email protected]

Thank you
'If ya gonna die, die on the black line' GZ