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PACC TT Summer Series - Event 3 - February 10, 2013


Marky G

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Post Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:29 pm

PACC TT Summer Series - Event 3 - February 10, 2013

What a turnout this morning! Over 50 entries for the third of the PACC Summer Time Trials on a perfect Sunday morning (apart from the wind which is a permanent feature of the Outer Harbour circuit). It was great to have such a large number of para cyclists registering, as well as the many junior riders who elected to stretch their legs over the longer course.

Fastest rider of the day was Marc Freemantle in 23:33 – over 30 seconds ahead of second fastest in tandem riders Keiran Modra and Paul Murray.

Kyle Franson dusted off the TT bike for a win in the men’s aero category in 24:21, ahead of the colourful Tom Freeman and Darren Searle who managed to stay upright this week. Lucy Barker had a great ride, finishing in 26:04.

As mentioned, Marc Freemantle beat the field and took the win in the for the men ahead of Loz Shaw and Bryan McIntyre. A flat on the course left Matt Toser out of the race. Gemma Kernich was slightly slower than her January time, but came across the line in a 28:04, our second fastest female today.

Geof Boylan-Mauland finished in the top 10 overall and proved too powerful ahead of Kevin Hannaford and Mark Gregory.

Non Aero
Shaun O’Callaghan was not only the fastest non-aero competitor, he picked up fourth fastest of the day in in 24:41. Nathan Wicker and Noriyuki Ta finished the placings in this category. Annabel Cox opted for the Non Aero option today, and despite not being 100%, was able to finish in front of fellow PACCer Lee Anne Flemming.

Juniors (U17)
With juniors not being able to race the last round due to the State Track Championships, we were pleased to see their return with 19 turn up this morning. James Higginson crossed the line after 25:44, slightly faster than Nick Anderson in 25:57 (which is exactly the same as his round 1 time). Alexander Haman rounded up the top three, shaving over a minute of his December time. Danielle McKinnirey was the fastest junior female, 50 seconds ahead of Chloe Moran. Kate Branson in third – also with a minute off her December effort.

In her first time trial, Bianca Woolford took to the trike with her dad behind her. It was great to see, and we hope that the tricky road conditions don’t put her off coming out again next month.

Six tandem teams registered this morning but we only had five starters after a discovery on Sam and Madge’s green machine left it in need of repair. Keiran Modra and Paul Murray second overall and winners in the category over Victoria Veitch / Mike Hoile and David Parsons / Steven Kemp. Special mention to the Clipsal team for supporting our event.

Thanks to all those who came out this morning - we can't put on events without you. Commissaire – Paula Hollamby; Starter Alex ‘Treasure’ Bates, Set up and Marshalling Chris Mack and Will Lyons, Time Keepers Masako Freemantle and Yolande Jones, and of course Handler Extraordinare Deeee Noooooo 1.

For those who are interested, our course records are: Male - 21:31 set by Rohan Dennis in 2010; Female - Carly Light in 25:07 in 2011.

Full results are below. Put March 3 in your diary for Round 4.
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Marky G

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Post Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:36 pm

Full Results

Name/ Time /Speed

Female Aero
Lucy Barker 0:26:04 40.281

Male Aero
Kyle Franson 0:24:21 43.121
Tom Freeman 0:24:46 42.396
Darren Searle 0:26:00 40.385
Daniel Symons 0:26:11 40.102
Jai Sutton 0:27:11 38.627
MacKenzie Mansell 0:29:11 35.979

Female 35+
Gemma Kernich 0:28:04 37.411

Male 35+
Marc Freemantle 0:23:33 44.586
Loz Shaw 0:25:05 41.860
Bryan McIntyre 0:27:09 38.674
Matt Toser DNF DNF

Male 50+
Geof Boylan-Marland 0:25:16 41.557
Kevin Hannaford 0:27:02 38.841
Mark Gregory 0:27:45 37.838

Female Non Aero
Annabel Cox 0:28:41 36.607
Lee-Anne Flemming 0:32:40 32.143
Kylie McAvaney 0:43:29 24.147

Male Non Aero
Shaun O'Callaghan 0:24:41 42.539
Nathan Wicker 0:25:30 41.176
Noriyuki Ta 0:26:23 39.798
Tim Mott 0:27:18 38.462
Ben Dickson 0:27:58 37.545
Iain Jones 0:28:18 37.102
Kraig Murtaugh 0:28:42 36.585
Corey Edwards 0:34:23 30.538

Female U17
Danielle McKinnirey 0:28:18 37.102
Chloe Moran 0:29:38 35.433
Kate Branson 0:30:24 34.539
Grace Cullen 0:32:46 32.045
Bethany Evans 0:33:52 18.800
Olivia Wheeler 0:34:01 30.867

Male U17
James Higginson 0:25:44 40.803
Nicholas Anderson 0:25:57 40.462
Alexander Haman 0:26:06 40.230
Connor Margaritis 0:26:49 39.155
Seb Perth 0:27:14 38.556
Peter Pedler 0:27:51 37.702
Liam Nolan 0:27:58 37.545
Ethan Egglestone 0:28:01 37.478
Connor Butterfield 0:29:08 36.041
Jarrad Drizners 0:30:11 34.787
Alex Cutts 0:31:19 33.528
Dan Tattersall 0:32:18 32.508
Philip McIntosh 0:38:17 27.547

Bianca Woolford 0:55:51 19.137

Keiran Modra / Paul Murray 0:24:06 43.568
Victoria Veitch / Mike Hoile 0:24:51 42.254
David Parsons / Steven Kemp 0:27:23 38.344
Neil Massey / K Clark 0:29:09 36.021
Brad Henderson / Tom Drizners 0:29:46 35.274
Margaret Shannafield / Sam England DNS
Ciclo, Ciclo, Ciclo.

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