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Winter Track Racing – (Night 1) 2nd May 2012



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Post Fri May 04, 2012 10:48 am

Winter Track Racing – (Night 1) 2nd May 2012

A big thankyou to all who turned up to race in the first of 6 winter race nights at the Adelaide Superdrome. The 49 riders consisted of a stack of masters, lots of elite/U19 riders as well as a few U17 who’d had clearance to ride up. As it was the first night the grades need a bit of tweaking, and we are happy to take on your suggestion on personal grade changes, with the preference of you staying in one grade across the season. We will not support riders changing grades between different events on a night - unless they have been clealy mis-graded and therefore will move to a new grade the the duration of the season

Thank you to those who prenommed online prior to the envent, it made working out logistics much easier

A massive thankyou to Michael Ward who came in last second to assist with sign on and general running of the night; to Lee Hubbard, who corralled the riders as only he can, and to the judges, commissaries and commentator.

Results: the top place getters were recorded as below

D-Grade HS
1 M Jones (4.00)
2 D Rylance
3 D Smith
4 Y Browne
5 T Bennard

C-Grade HS
1 D Radzikiewicz (5.09)
2 D McKinnerey
3 S Farrell
4 A Manly
5 B Hargrave

B-Grade HS
1 D Radzikiewicz (5.33)
2 A Porter
3 R Wright
4 A Walker
5 C Spence

A-Grade HS
1 A Radzikiewicz (6.34)
2 A Brown
3 S Croft
4 K Franson
5 M Holmes

1 D Rylance (11pts)
2 T Bennard (10)
3 M Jones (9)

1 A Manly (12)
2 D McKinnery (9)
3 G Kernich (6)

1 D Radzikiewicz (10)
2 M Young (5)
3 P Lechelt (5)

1 K Franson
2 S Croft
3 M Holmes


Women’s Grade
1 H Takos
2 N Redmond
3 S Farrell

C-D Grade
1 D Radzikiewicz
2 P Marron
3 A Harrland

1 D Radzikiewicz
2 A Walker
3 I Katsman

1 A Radzikiewicz
2 P Constable
3 D Miller

D-Grade Scratch
1 D Rylance
2 M Jones
3 D Smith

C-Grade Scratch
1 D Radzikiewicz
2 A Manly
3 S Farrell

B-Grade Scratch
1 R Wright
2 P Peddler
3 A Porter

A-Grade Scratch
1 A Radzikiewicz
2 K Franson
3 J Hogan

Thanks to Standish Cycles Hyde Park http://www.standishcycles.com/HydePark.html who donated the prizes for 3rd place

The next race night is Wed 23rd May then followed by the 4th Wednesday of the month June-Sept
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Post Fri May 04, 2012 10:56 am


Thanks PACC and Lee-Anne for a great night's racing, and for letting everyone have a go. The boys had a great time!

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