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Outer Harbour TT results - 18 Feb 2012

A great turnout of riders for the TT this morning. The conditions must have been good too because Nick Wood set a personal PB to be the fastest overall, Gemma Kernich also set a PB and was fastest woman. We said Ben Plush got the fastest non-aero time in the presentations, but it was actually new SA resident Shaun O'Callaghan, who set a blistering non-aero time of 24:35... perhaps the fastest non-aero time to date? (anyone want to go back and check?)

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped out, particular thanks go to Mike and Ian from SHMCC for coming out as commissaires.

Full results below.

Long course (17.5 km)

22:55 Nick Wood (35+)
23:42 Adam Thompson (35+)
23:48 Miles Scotson (U19)
24:35 Shaun O'Callaghan (NA)
24:45 Sam Allen (35+)
24:47 Loz Shaw (35+)
25:06 Daniel Symons (U19)
25:30 Jason Moore
25:38 Ben Plush (NA)
25:46 Alasdair McLellan (NA,35+)
25:48 Darren Searle
25:59 Jordan Green
26:09 Kristian Didyk
26:13 John Cullen (35+)
26:34 Peter Pedler (U17)
27:04 Gemma Kernich (W,35+)
27:10 Richard Wood (35+)
27:13 Damien Hogan (NA)
27:57 Alex Walker (U19)
28:11 Jonathon Stephens (U17)
28:41 Wenqi Zhang (U15, NA)
28:48 Annabel Cox (W,NA)
29:16 Michael Young (NA,50+)
29:29 Margaret Shanafield (W,NA)
29:55 Thomas Clarken (U17)
30:47 Meriel Custance (W,50+,NA)
30:49 Lee-Anne Fleming (W,NA,35+)
30:50 Sarah Allen (W,NA)
31:00 William Little (U17)
31:21 William Coote (U17)
31:29 Liz Jones (50+,W)
32:08 Dean Semmler (50+, NA)
33:31 Ken Little (50+,NA)

Short course

11:52 Tim Lennon (U17)
12:12 Liam Nolan (U15)
The ideal number of bikes is one... I just can't decide which one.