Post Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:43 pm

PACC TT Outer Harbor 8 Nov 2009


Conditions - Very Warm, Light Breeze
A lot of new faces racing their first time trial.
No crashes or any other dramas (although Magicman Merlin came close to crash testing his Lightweights at the turnaround!)

A 104 Jon Houston (CDCC), 24.02, 43.46kmh (1st)
A 112 Merlin Spranz (PACC), 25.28, 41.30kmh (2nd)
A 117 David Miller (PACC), 26.14, 39.94kmh (3rd)
A 109 Adam Thompson (NCC), 26.31, 39.68kmh

B 115 James Olds (PACC (3-Ride)), 26.05, 40.08kmh (1st)
B 110 Felicity Johnson (Mike Hoile pilot) (PACC), 27.49, 37.9 (2nd)
B 101 Clayton Marsland (PACC), 28.52, 36.61kmh (3rd)
B 116 Lachlan Hedley (CDCC), 29.48, 35.41kmh

C 105 Esa Immonen (PACC), 28.11, 37.14kmh (1st)
C 106 Nick Fanning (PACC), 28.23, 36.98kmh (2nd)
C 107 Jay Norden (FBCC), 29.1, 35.88kmh (3rd)
C 108 Jim McConnel (PACC), 29.33, 35.59kmh (4th)
C 100 Kevin Hannaford (PACC), 30.06, 34.73kmh (5th)
C 102 Iain Jones (PACC), 30.29, 34.47kmh
C 111 Steven Kemp (KCC), 31.01, 33.67kmh
C 103 Dean Semmler (PACC), 33.07, 31.57kmh
C 113 Debbie Sherman (PACC), 40.47, 25.80kmh - 1st Unplaced Lady

REC 114 Chris Sherman (PACC), 41.02, 25.45kmh

Thanks to Will Lyons - Chief Commissaire
Alex Bates/Ben Plush/Tim McEvoy/Lillie Honan - Time keepers & Starters who gave up their sunday morning sleep-in (or opportunity to race!) to make sure the event went ahead.
Thanks also to South Coast Cycling who lent PACC some race numbers!

For those who were asking - the all-comers course record was set by Sean Boyle in a time of 22:45 on 1st March 2009
the ideal number of bikes is one more than you currently have