Post Sun Nov 02, 2008 8:12 pm

PACC Club Criterium 2 November 2008

17 seniors and 6 Juniors contersted the first PACC summer club criterium on 2 November.
There was keen competion in all four events and there were some new riders having their first race.

Open A Grade
1 Chris Leung
2 Ben Plush
3 Adam Barnes

Open B Grade
1 Grant Moffitt
2 Paul King
3 Clayton Marsland

Junior A Grade
1 Alex Edmonson
2 Phil Mundy
3 Sam Paterson

Junior B Grade
1 Scott Hallandal
2 Brad Ward

The two riders involved in the fall in the Open B Grade were Leigh Pridmore and Mark French and while they are both feeling stiff and sore they do not have any major injury. Leigh has some clear tyre marks on his face where Mark rode over him.

John L