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PACC Summer Track 2011 - Nov 16 - Omnium



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Post Tue Nov 15, 2011 6:43 pm

PACC Summer Track 2011 - Nov 16 - Omnium

The Omnium will consist of 4 events - 1 lap TT, flying 200m, Elimination & Points Race (not necassarily in that order!) and your finishing position in each event counts. Program is below.

Demand for volunteers from the PACC membership is high at the moment with CX, Cyclosportif, etc, but I need a couple of reliable helpers for this tomorrow night to help with the timing of the flying 250m and the 1 lap TT's and to act as holders in the same event. We need to run riders on both sides of the track at the same time so we're not racing til midnight, therefore I need a holder both sides of the track and two time keepers each side. It's not a hard job (well holding can be, depending on who you're trying to hold!) but I need people that are going to stick around for the whole night and be ready to go as soon as the event is up. Normally we can recruit on the night, but if possible I'd like to get it sorted prior, as it one less thing to have to worry about on the night. Please let me know if you can help.

Round 1
Event 1 Open D-grade 1 lap TT (x2 on opposite sides of track)
Event 2 Open C-grade 1 lap TT (x2 on opposite sides of track)
Event 3 Open B-grade Elimination
Event 4 Open A-grade Flying 250m
Round 2
Event 5 Open D-grade Flying 250m
Event 6 Open C-grade Elimination
Event 7 Open B-grade 1 lap TT (x2 on opposite sides of track)
Event 8 Open A-grade Elimination
Round 3
Event 9 Open D-grade Elimination
Event 10 Open C-grade Flying 250m
Event 11 Open B-grade Flying 250m
Event 12 Open A-grade 500m TT (x2 on opposite sides of track)
Round 4
Event 13 Open D-grade Scratch Race
Event 14 Open C-grade Scratch Race
Event 15 Open B-grade Scratch Race
Event 16 Open A-grade Scratch Race
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Post Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:50 pm


Sorry David I can not bring a helper.
I tried, but Netball has won out for this Wednesday night!

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