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PACC Track Sprinter's Cup 2013

In less than 20 days, the PACC Track Sprinter's Cup is held on the 25th Sept.
We are taking nominations (and these will close one week prior)
We are aiming for 32 riders on the night - (that's 4 groups of 8 riders)

Events will be:
Qual F200
Rd1 Match Sprints - Winner to Rd 2 MS, Losers to Repecharge in Rd 2
Rd2 MS Winner to Rd3, Loser to Rep Rd 3. Rd 2 Rep: 1st and 2nd go to MS with Rd 2 winners
Rd3 MS, Winners to Final. Rep Rd 3
Rd4 Final

If your name is listed below we have you down as interested. Final announcement of who's riding will be on the Wed/Thurs 18/19th Sept.

Dan Ellis
Jai Angsuthasawit
Alex Radzikiewicz
Derek Radzikiewicz
Nick Anderson
Rikki Belder
Holly Takos
Bree Hargrave
David Radzikiewicz
Wayne Hogben
David Gomer
David Peacock
Michelle Apostolou
Sue-Ann Woodwiss
Michael Young
Isabella Dashorst
Joel McWhinney
Alex Rendoulis
George Vlahos
William Little
Che Thomas
Matt Ireland
Jon Mangahas 
David Miller
Peter Szegedi
John Zivanovic
Mark Gregory
Peter Marrone
Gareth Davies
Dave Zdanowicz
Jeone Park
Jihae Park

We'll be needing Sign on, Clerk of the Course, Holders and Judges/timers for the night so please out your hand up to help.
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