Post Mon Nov 12, 2007 1:22 pm

Little T*#ds

If anyone happens to see or hear of the following items being sold off cheaply or given away....especially in the TTG area....they're mine and some little turds have stolen them out my car!! Grrrr :twisted:

A red and blue Giro Pneumo helmet
A pair of black and white Nike Gabuche Due Shoes with Red Look cleats attached
Tuff gloves (basically brand new!)
Track axle/bottom bracket spanner
Dura-Ace 14t & 16t track cogs in 1/8" width

(Thanks to Gemm for filling in what everthing actually is! Considering it's pretty much her 'old' stuff)

Of course not finding them also means i can get all new stuff on the insurance but I'm still really ticked off!!
Pain is only temporary!