Post Tue Oct 25, 2011 4:41 pm

Athlete fitness testing survey

Hello Port Adelaide Cycling Club members,

I am a PhD qualified Sports Physiologist with 5 years experience of the national sports institute system, having worked extensively with national- and international-level endurance athletes. As a recreational athlete myself, I have noticed that many amateur athletes would like to have access to the same fitness testing services as those provided to elite athletes (e.g. VO2max tests and anaerobic threshold assessments). I am therefore seeking to determine whether there is sufficient interest among Adelaide-based athletes to establish a sports physiology clinic that would supply fitness testing and sports science services for recreational athletes.

As I believe that athlete fitness testing services would be of interest to many Port Adelaide Cycling Club members, I am posting a link to my online 'Athlete fitness testing survey’. The web-link is and directs users to a 6 questions survey that takes approximately 5 minutes to complete. Please copy the provided link into a web browser to view the survey.

Dr Andrew Vogler