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Sprint Training 12/07/08



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Post Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:37 pm

Sprint Training 12/07/08

Great turnout for the first Saturday morning Match Sprint races. There was some really close and interesting match sprints - it's good to watch as well as participate in! I'm thinking we might do the same next Saturday as Match Sprinting is something that is hard to teach and it's easier to 'learn by doing'.

Below is a brief instruction on Match Sprinting tactics that you might find useful for next week and future Match Sprint racing....although one thing it doesn't mention is that hanging on to the fence is not a legal tactic! :lol:

Sprint Match Race Tips
Firstly, one cannot minimize the importance of your flying 200m time. Get a top seed and you will have an easier sprinting tournament up until the latter rounds where everybody is much more evenly matched. Now you need to know how to win from the front and how to win from the back.

Winning from the back involves drafting. When the sprint is engaged, don't hesitate to let between 3-5 bike lengths between you and your opponent. Being too close to your opponent's wheel will suck you to them, but will not enable you to accelerate and go faster than them. Once you have established 3-5 bike lengths, sprint like crazy. At about 2-3 bike lengths, you enter a zone of diminished wind resistance because of the drag behind the first rider. In that zone, for the same amount of energy, you will get your bike moving faster. In the last turn, you should have established at least an equal position to them but on the outside. If you are still behind in the last turn, give up and save your energy, you have lost. If you are next to them, it means that you are actually going faster since you have traveled further. Being flat, the dash to the finish lane will favor you.... go all out.

Winning from the front involves not letting your opponent use drafting. How? By not allowing them to create separation, by sprinting as late as possible and by modulating your sprint. You need your opponent to either be stuck on your back wheel, or to remain on your hip. You do that by not going all out and slowly "open up" your speed as the rider gets closer and closer. This will let them through the draft zone at a lower speed than what you can sprint at, and they will have to use more energy to get faster than you. Being on the inside, you have an excellent chance of success if you can do this properly.

To simplify sprints strategy, try to have both riders at the bottom of the track. This can be done when you draw first or if you can pass your opponent without initiating the sprint. This removes all aspect of using the banking for jumps, or cutting down to gain inside position and it becomes a simple drag race, for which it is usually better to be in front for shorter tracks and can be won from the back for larger tracks.
At anytime, do not sprint side by side if you are more than 150m from the lane, unless you have the sprinter's corridor. You lose energy for nothing. If this is the case, use the banking, go up, to establish distance but not losing speed and get some separation, then use the strategy for sprinting from behind.

With those basics, you will start to understand sprinting strategies. You will not get all of the above in your first race, so use it as learning and don't expect too much. Good luck!

(Adapted from post by cyberbof on FixedGearFever.com)
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Post Sun Jul 13, 2008 7:56 pm

Cheers Dave!

Looking forward to it next week.


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Post Sun Jul 13, 2008 10:26 pm

It was such a rush, i love them :)

I definitely have a lot left to learn though.....thanks for the post Dave :wink:


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Post Mon Jul 14, 2008 10:26 am

Nat the youngest PACCer had her sneaky first go on the boards on Sat morning - although of 'pocket rocket' age she's more than big enough for a proper-sized bike.

Go Nat! :cool:
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