Post Mon Mar 01, 2010 2:40 pm

World's Greatest Shave Donations


Hi Crew

I’ve decided to put my name forward, be brave and shave.
I’ve got a target set of $1000, and the dome will be shaved on Thursday or Friday next week.
I’m asking everyone to get behind this great cause and to help me wave goodbye to my hair.

I know of people close to me that have suffered this disease and its really the only way i can show my support and help the also gives me an excuse the crop the locks.

Donate and put some cash forward, even if it’s just to have a laugh at my bald head as it shines on every morning....and now that i own a bianchi - inherit the name of "la Pirata Grasso" - The Fat Pirate!

Below is a link which i recommend you donate online on – much easier and more reliable than my abacus. ... Pref=en-CA