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25/7/13 2:31 PM

No life drawing today. But other distractions encroach (always) - so I search for a handle - an arty idea/approach to pursue - to distract myself from the distractions and drive me down to the studio. Hmmmmm? Sounds as though I don't want to go........



"Cathedral" 2006

Hmmm? Despite the impressions some artists and commentators try to give, being an artist is not always romantic; not always a full-on passionate engagement with the world around us. We frequently struggle internally to make head and tale of life, art and ourselves; to feel confident about who we are and what we are doing - especially when rewards for such struggles seem few and far between.

But then something good happens - as per this piece - a free form creative exploration - not aimed at anything in particular. This one turned into another forest painting reminding me of a cathedral.

I think our creative muses have minds of their own and will only come out to play when we relax our desires/expectations; when "control" ceases to be an important issue. Then one's instinctive creative responses to the mediums and processes take over. Indeed, under these circumstances, creativity comes naturally and without the selfconscious angst frequently associated with more premeditated ideas/imagery. Thus the aesthetic results are often surprising and will sometimes reflect the themes we've been more cerebrally engaged with at other times. When this happens, the results are virtually reward enough - and certainly justify our arty pursuits - even when such things aren't understood or appreciated by others.

Of course, some people will argue that such an approach is merely "art for art's sake" ; some form of meaningless self indulgence perhaps - and therefore less valid than something done with a more definite social purpose - or even a commercial purpose in mind. But I argue that art is always "for Art's sake" (otherwise, it's not art) - even when other reasons for pursuing it come into the equation as well - which they always do.

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