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19/1/17 2:14 PM

We were hoping to recommence our weekend openings of the Studio/Gallery yesterday but everything got in the way. However, if you can forgive the mess we are in and make an appointment, we can still show you quite a lot of work and or anything specific you'd like to see from our Portfolio Pages.

Currently, besides trying to produce new work and set up a new show in the Studio/Gallery, I am preparing a few pieces to be exhibited in conjunction with 4 other Blue Mountains Artists Network (Bman) members in a show called "The Elements". This show has been organised by freelance curator Susan Cochrane under the auspices of Bman and in conjunction with Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens at Mt. Tomah. It will open next weekend (Sat 4th March 2017) at 2.00pm.

Below is one of the pieces I will be exhibiting at Mt Tomah. It's a new work (2016) called "Don't Fence Me In" - acrylic paint on flexibly braced and framed MDF, 243cm (8ft) long x 100cm (3ft3'') high 




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