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11/2/16 11:12 AM

"Essensual Form" is the name of the new show we've mounted here in the studio/gallery.

The show reflects my long held belief that sensual form and "beauty" are inextricably connected in our minds despite other ideas frequently telling us there's something wrong with such a focus. As far as I'm concerned, such a focus is never "wrong" but it can be boring if all it does is offer up cliched imagery and ideas. Hopefully, viewers will find my images go beyond this! Here are some examples.......



"Debussy's Nude"

Acrylic paint on gesso paper on MDF - 75cm x 108cm plus frame width.



"Creation's Forms & Faults"

Acrylic paint on gesso paper on MDF - 108cm x 75cm + frame width.

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