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24/10/14 8:44 AM

It's weird how some of my favorite works are made to wait for years before being shown. It's not something I intend when painting them - but it generally happens because I've done something in them I'm not sure about and I need to see how it pans out over time. So they are put aside while I go on with other things. This makes them vulnerable to both being forgotten and being left behind; becoming more or less irrelevent to what I'm doing "now". Nevertheless, they sooner or later get rediscovered - and if they are any good, I'll look for an opportunity to display them.

Having my own exhibition space now provides me with a great advantage in such circumstances - because I can make a show of older works (from stock or borrowed back for the occasion) where these forgotten and unshown pieces can be made to feel comfortable and at home. Such is the piece below - framed in a very old and very wide, hand carved wooden frame with a mother of pearl slip - on show now.



"Symphony of Stones" 1995 Acrylic on hardboard - approx 30cm x 60cm plus frame width.

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