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22/7/14 2:53 PM

My stars (in the newspaper) tell me I’m about to find great success in self publicising. This will no doubt happen by magic - given that I still avoid using Facebook & Linkedin - and we do very little advertising elsewhere. However, if previous good news star readings are anything to go by, my star sign prediction will probably translate as one new punter discovering this blog. So, welcome aboard whoever you are! If you like my work, don’t be shy about letting me know. I’ll probably offer you a discount on anything available that you want to buy - or perhaps you'd like to negotiate a commission? There are plenty of ideas and works to choose from - and new stuff coming through all the time. Here is a sample - a lovely life drawing development - produced only a few days ago:

Life Sketch

"Bella" 2014

Original pen sketch on paper - from life - developed with watercolour and WC pencil.

Approx 30cm x 60cm

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