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19/6/14 8:12 AM

We've just mounted an entirely new show of small works only. These are works from various periods of Adrian's career and include an array wonderful pieces from the early 80s up to the present. We are not having an official "show opening" so to speak, but we are offering 10% off (more on multiple purchases) everything on display for the time being. And given that our work is highly affordable compared with regular galleries, this is a great chance to either begin or add to your collection of original work by Adrian Gilbert.


"Winter Glitter" (en plein air) circa 1980 - Oil & enamel on board - approx 30cm x 20cm plus frame size

The aim of this show is to provide these small works with the chance to shine in their own right rather than being seen as adjuncts to larger works.

The show brings together work from the early 1980s to the present and features Adrian’s varying creative attitudes and approaches in that time. However, it is interesting to see that some very recent en plein air work is not too different from his en plein air work 30 to 40 years ago. And his studio compositional work, though highly varied over that same period, has maintained a persistent connection between landscape and sensual form - obviously a primary theme in his work.

A new feature in the studio/gallery is the development of our Black Book Display which allows original works on paper to be shown and offered for sale without the expense of framing. This has the added advantage of allowing the framing of such pieces to be in accord with individual collectors tastes and ideas about future display.

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