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10/5/14 5:14 PM

The act of drawing and painting in the pursuit of art can lead almost anywhere if one is open to suggestion. The main point of it is to find something you want to say and like the way you've said it!

What you've said or how you've said it, doesn't really matter  - as long as you like it enough - for whatever reasons.

Whether others regard it as art (good or bad) is not your concern. Some will like it, some won't - and this will be the case whatever you produce.

The most important aspect of this creative process is the act of tapping into your creative psyche and recognising what you are saying as truthful to you!

If you are reflective, analytical and self questioning, you will probably experience a weevil of negativity suggesting what you've said is no more truthful to you than something quite different might be; that you really can't "know yourself" absolutely within this process or the results; cannot necessarily identify with the approach in question more than you might identify with various other approaches. Indeed, these things are equally true!

So you have a choice: (a) to continue doing much the same thing despite such weevils; (b) to pursue an alternative approach to art which has engaged your creative interest - or (c) to give up the pursuit of art and seek creative satisfaction elsewhere. These things are what the painting below is saying! It is also saying how unnecessary explanations such as this should be - but, in a world of spin.......................................



"Saying Something" 2011

Acrylic on particle board - approx 60cm x 90cm

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