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26/9/13 9:52 AM

Haven't posted for quite a while. Preoccupied with things other than art mainly. I have been doing a bit of drawing here and there - but for the purpose of this post, I'll include an older, 'developed' life drawing which I still find very attractive.


Life Drawing

"Angela Sleeping Out" circa 1996. Original acrylic brush sketch from life - developed into a painting. Acrylic paint on gesso paper - approx 50cm x 75cm plus mat and frame width.

Like many artists, I have hundreds of life drawings in drawers awaiting some resolution to the question as to why I keep them. I mean, I keep producing more every time I attend a life drawing session - which I do regularly - partly for the fraternisation (it gets me out of the studio) and partly to "keep my hand in" so to speak. But it's actually quite rare that I frame such sketches up and exhibit them. I do go through the drawers about once every year and cull the worst drawings - but the collection continues to grow because it's so difficult to throw stuff out when one can see the immediate exhibiting potential or the potential for experimentation and development. The problem is, I have so many other ideas and projects to work on, I don't often make time to pursue those potentials unless someone commissions me to do so. And of course, in their drawers, the drawings are "out of sight - out of mind".

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