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26/8/13 10:26 AM

Yesterday a man came into the gallery with his grandson - about age 12. Currently on display, amongst a whole range of other works, are 3 small life drawing developments (eg. below) which drew a question from the boy, "Why did you paint these"? Before I could answer, grandpa - apparently thinking the boy was making some moral judgement of my propensity to draw & paint the female form - and so sensing a possible awkward moment for me - answered, "Why not"?

Life drawing development

"Development of Passion"

The boy then explained his question by saying that, at first glance he thought this particular piece was a painting of hills. So I said, 'That's a good observation - and it almost answers your question. We and the hills are all made of the same stuff - and one of the things I'm most interested in drawing and painting is the sensuality of it all - of life'.

The title of the above work is a little bit cheeky, provocative and ironic - but it comes about because it is a "development" from an original drawing of a life model who goes by the name of Passion.

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