Post Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:26 pm

Cyclo Sortif - Round 2- 2012/2013 - PACC Men of Steel Report

PACC “Men of Steel” are back :)
Awesome ride today guys :)
An honour to be Captain of a team that worked hard individually and as a team to make it happen. We may not won a trophy but 3rd fastest of the 2 lap teams was way beyond my expectations and probably means we cannot expect a trophy.
No incidences or mishaps to report, we just went out and gave it 100%
Special mention to the strong men, Deano and Alan who dragged/pushed us up the hills and then sat on the front.
Jeremy who averaged 180 bpm heart rate for the entire event. That is serious effort level.
Simon, who suffered cramp for the last 10 kms. Ouch, that must have hurt!
Wengi, you have grown up so much since last season and rightfully earnt a place with “Men of Steel”
I cannot forget Gus who quietly helped and inspired me to reform MoS and make it happen.

Kudos to PACC Women (PACC “Chicks on Speed” really!) who had a full team of nine.
We have two positions available to make a full team of nine which is my dream for Round 3 at the Range on the 10th February 2013 (2013! What, already!)
Carl is pretty keen for one of these spots so actually only one position available

Have a great Christmas and use this ride as inspiration to keep training :)