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Cyclo Sortif - Round 8 - PACC Men of Steel Report



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Cyclo Sortif - Round 8 - PACC Men of Steel Report

The last Cyclo Sportif for the season, Round 8, 29-04-2012 at the Range.

Iain Jones excused himself with a cold the day before so Six “Men of Steel” became five.
I left home early and rode to the Range as a warm up, because I live reasonably close. It was cold but nice until I received a text message from Chris indicating it was very cold and wet at the Range Hall.
At the Range Hall I found it was wet and there were lots of people not very keen on riding a race, sorry, non-competitive event, in the wet and cold conditions. After a quick count I found we had a team of five; Chris, Wenqi, Alasdair, Baron and Me. Well I decided that we were going to ride and tried to send this positive message to everybody.

We did not have long to wait as we were the fifth team away. The plan was to take it fairly easy as we had four laps to do which seemed like a long way for some of us. I really hate the first section, not sure why, maybe I cool down to much after the warm up but I soon found myself at the back and struggling. I hung in there and got going after a couple of kms.
Somehow the job of barking orders seem to fall on me and for one and a half laps I encouraged and yelled to control the pace. After a couple of failed attempts to control the pace, I admit it, I spat the dummy and went up the front and said “Somebody else can do it!”
Fortunately, others stepped up to the task and we went along very nicely after that, right to the end actually. Obviously I was much more useful up the front!
Two teams caught us along the way and promptly had a problem of some sort which meant they had to slow and let us pass again. We was starting to think we had so sort of curse!

We also had some to and fro with another team which would fly past us on the flat/downhill section but then die going up the hill where we passed them!! The same team thought they were going to pass us on the last climb but we held the pace on and they blew to bits forcing the strong guys at the front to drop back while we just climbed steadily on!

We may have not looked organized from the outside as we were not all together all the time, ie. crossing the line, but these were only temporary and hay, who can resist a sprint finish ;)

“Men of Steel” did not fade on the last lap, as I feared they might, but actually rode strongly as a group and I felt very proud as we crossed I finish line. The “Men of Steel” did not rust in a tough race, err, sorry, non-competitive event. Thanks guys we did PACC and “Men of Steel” proud :)
I attempted to nominated Alasdair for “Super Domestique” but unfortunately this is only available in C grade. Maybe next season, so I will just say a big thanks to Alasdair for all his quiet hard work in every event, not just this one.



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Post Mon Apr 30, 2012 4:33 pm

I'll never forget the looks on MacDow's faces as we rode away from them after saying 'no, we're not going to let you overtake'...
Two wheels good, four wheels bad. In a pinch, three will do...

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