Post Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:41 pm

Cyclo Sportif Round 5 - Snapper Point - MoS report

Well that plan went out the window! :-)... "As we have three trackies riding tomorrow, the others will be leading the charge today. Sound good? cool.."

The MoS team grew to a full nine riders before start time, then almost in a flash we were down to seven Steely Chaps; ah well...

So, the warm up was fun; We rode along the course to the lumpy section after the boat ramp - hmmm no wind?? Weird; that will change for sure.

Lining up for the start (Team 9 in A Grade), we all set our chosen GPS / computer / online applications to 'Go' and we were off. Starting into what had sort of become a head wind, we rotated well. Back past the start / finish line, and we were setting a cracking pace. Swooping down passed the boat ramp was the first chance to pose for Chameleon Photography (and Corinna...). It soon became apparent that a few of the Steely ones were in need of a sit on, and we became a five unit, supporting two at the back - all part of TTTing.

The turn out to the normal far hotdag had been moved AND it was into a headwind!!! Alasdair did us proud as we made use of the tailwind return and became a motorpacer :-)... The end of lap one, saw us continue to support now three riders in strife... AND we had passed our minute marker team.

Lap two got a tad messy, with a few gaps and some 'encouragement' for yours truly required.

Lap three was more of the same, but two of the suffering Steely ones came good and we were all about protecting one rider digging deep into his suitcase of courage (!). Much was made of the tailwind, and we finished strong having caught one team and eluding any other catchers (yay).

Crossing the finish line, circa 78mins (CSA yet to post times...), after our start and we were cooked.

So much for the pre-race plan of saving Mick, Deano, and myself for the Inter Club Track racing tomorrow - ah well, I am sure foam rollering, and a large mug of concrete will assist recovery.

Cheers to Alasdair, Deano, Mick, Darren, Iian, and Rob on what was a decent hit out today; seven tired riders did a pretty good job in hard conditions. 37kph average is not a bad effort in this 'non-competitive event'.

Here's to Round 6 in a couple of weeks - MoS are seeking more Steely Chaps to join in; If you want to come and experience some fun in the sun, let me know.

Well done too to the other PACCers, especially those Chicks on Speed - they are getting closer and closer to us each round.


Marky G