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Cyclosportif Rd 3 - The Range, 29/1 Hobos



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Post Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:37 pm

Cyclosportif Rd 3 - The Range, 29/1 Hobos

There was movement at The Range, for that word had passed around that there was a new team about to make its debut. ….. well there was some whispering that I heard that morning!
So the newly banded PACC Hobos, comprised of "Wind Break" Wenqi, "Even Legs" Carl, "Dadda" Mark, "Lucky Isle" Niall, "Are We There Yet" Lee-Anne and the late addition of Amanda "Bunza" Steele set off on the 1st of 2 Range laps (with cheering and support from team mate Aimee and assoc team mate Reuben).
Lap 1 saw the pace set for a just-comfortable 33min, ably pushed along by Wenqi. We managed a good rolling pace line that worked well with all of us "communicating" aka aiming for the "Most Vocal Group" trophy.
Lap 2 saw the group build on the lap 1 bunch riding prowess, ensuring that the challenging hills section passed smoothly. "Dadda" Mark took the supportive lead, encouraging those who had lung or leg issues and giving a hand up the hills.
We crossed the line together with not much left in the collective tank; I had my data registered with a negative split on the 2nd lap (by less than a minute) but in the official Times7 results this was corrected to positive split of 1min47. :roll:
It was a good ride considering the group's title, and I look forward to having a go at Williamstown next month – errr WW!!!!
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Post Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:52 pm

had a great ride, thanks team. figured out why i got an average of 26 instead of the 30 odd, i forgot to reset my spedometer :oops:

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