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Cyclo Sportif - Rd 3 - The Range 29/1 - Men of Steel report


Marky G

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Post Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:55 pm

Cyclo Sportif - Rd 3 - The Range 29/1 - Men of Steel report

Hi All..

As I pen this somewhat late race report (blame Track Nationals, CX World Champs and BookFacing....) I must admit to sore legs.

Why do I share this fact? Well yesterday the PACC Men of Steel (MoS), rode the hardest TTT to date. We all knew that three laps of the Range would be tough, but the windy conditions added to the arduous course profile.

This round's team consisted of some regulars (Marky G, Mick, Darren, and Rob) some recent members (Alasdair and Deano) and some last minute gun riders (Sam and Pete). This eight person unit took most of the first circuit to get used to the nuances of the course, conditions and each others' strengths. Moving well on the undulating sections, flying along the downhills and containing the pace on the hills - ensuring a fast two lap effort.

Lap three proved to be a test of fitness and character, with a couple of the team suffering more than others. As is traditional, my role is that of an 'enthusiastic' motivator barking at the unit to form different formations to make best use of the stronger and fitter; allowing the less fast some respite. This lap the role was used more than usual; including bad jokes to keep spirits high.

The final ascent of the climb, and we were all together; much teamwork, with a sprinkling of 'encouragement', ensured that we crossed the line together (ish) happy that we had 'dug deep into our suitcases of courage' and 'left it all on the road'.

We came 4th out of ten A grade teams (averaging 36kph, 66max); albeit a way off of third place, and many minutes behind the coffee shop chaps.

Well done to all teams that rode yesterday; that has to have been the toughest sportif test to date.

We will unfortunately lose Pete Davis to his usual team for the next round, but hope to have back Iain, Steve and George.

We are always on the lookout for other MoS to join us, if there are any out there.

Happy training for the next one.


sam england

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Post Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:42 pm

You did some good barking, Marky G. Thanks for a nice ride.
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