Post Wed Jul 20, 2011 7:25 pm

Wanted @ CX race 31 July: Loan Tent or Tarp for BBQ

At the next CX race the Trott Park Fencing Club will be putting on hot food for us as a fund raiser for their club (and to service our club's event!). They will be providing breakfasty/brunch type goods like hot egg and bacon rolls, sausages and onions plus soft drinks, water, powerades etc. They are also willing to do a vegan soy sausage and pattie selection if there are enough people that want a vegan/vegetarian BBQ option! (Soyson? Please advise)

What they don't have is a tarp or tent to hide under if it's raining. Does someone have a suitably scrungy tent or tarp structure that will suffice for a BBQ and people to shelter under? Or a van and awning? Please help!

the ideal number of bikes is one more than you currently have