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Price drop! IC420 indoor bike- $1200

CycleOps IC420 Indoor Bike
I have a CycleOps Indoor Bike for sale, selling only as I am training now with Quarq power on both bikes, so is more accurate to ride/measure using one power system, (i.e.,Quarq on roadie on conventional indoor trainer) than to use crank AND flywheel based power in conjunction.

The IC400 uses 'Powertap' technology to measure power to within +/- 1.5% accuracy. There are three electronic adjustments for resistance- Target Power, Gradient and Gear. These are all controlled through the included Joule 3.0 head unit. This system also has the potential to be paired with CycleOps Virtual Reality software to ride an almost infinite amount of routes worldwide, including all of your favourite race routes and climbs. Just plug in your laptop, PC or tablet to your big screen and instead of staring at the wall you can ride up Alpe D'Huez, your progression dictated by your power output.

On top of this you can pre-program 'workouts' in to the CycleOps software to automatically target certain zones, e.g., 5 x 5 strength efforts? Just program in the intervals, i.e., 5 mins at Gear-1 (highest/effort) between 5 mins at Gear-15 (easier/rest). Or pick a gradient that sees you hit the cadence and power you're after. There's more than one way to achieve your aim with the electronic control.

It has 4 points of adjustment to ensure your fit/geometry is identical to your bike. Seat height, fore/aft, drop and reach can all be customised. Put your own saddle on and it is identical to the feel of your bike. The bike has rear wheels so you can easily tip it up and wheel from room to room.

In summary, this is as good as it gets for indoor training... super-accurate and reliable power measurement from CycleOps, ability to use Virtual Reality training (brilliant for those who die of boredom on indoor bike) and the ability to achieve identical fit to outdoor bike. You can feed all your data directly from Device Agent to Training Peaks, etc. No reason you can't run a CycleOps head unit inside and a Garmin outside, in case you're wondering.

Easy to maintain, chain cover comes off with 4 screws and exposes single-speed chain, just lube every once in a while, no need to degrease obviously. You can also adjust the chain tension, presumably if the chain slackens over time, something I've never had to do.

For more info on this thing check out the CycleOps website here... ... egory_id=7

It's 12 months old, I want $1500 for it. RRP of $3,000. Ultimate indoor training tool for someone looking to get serious.

Any questions let me know, happy to talk you through all the features... I'll take some pics in coming days, just ask. It is literally identical to the pic on the website, and in fantastic (see perfect) condition.

Sam. 0408 350 580